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 Lilpaws the Insane | 80 | Feral Druid | Transfer from Moonrunner (new name will be Phats)

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PostSubject: Lilpaws the Insane | 80 | Feral Druid | Transfer from Moonrunner (new name will be Phats)   Fri Nov 13, 2009 6:09 pm

1 - Please provide your RL specs (age, sex, marital status, yiffer, etc.)

I'm a 31 year old married guy that is probably too much of a gamer for my own good. (non yiffer)

2 - Have you read our mission statement and structure?

Yes, sounds like everything I'm looking for.

3 - What raiding experience do you have? Please specify what roles/classes you have played in the past.

Played a warrior tank in vanilla and tanked everything except naxx. Swapped to a bear druid in BC and tanked all the content while leading most of the raids. Continued to be main tank in wotlk through naxx then swapped to cat when Uldar came out. After clearing Uldar I took a break for RL stuff for a while. Then returned after the urge became to much and played very casually with some friends from the meetup on Moonrunner as a DK (Gnomacidal) and then another druid (Bigpaws). Reason for the second druid is I gave my first druid to my wife then realized I missed it but I'll be taking it back and that'll be the toon I will transfer over to Staghelm

4 - Please submit an armory link and chat about your raiding spec. If you are planning on starting a new character on Staghelm, let us know what spec you plan on having at 80.


My main spec of late has been cat and can do an easy 4k dps on the training dummy, this number shoots up alot once raid buffed. I also linked my wow-heroes profile so you can get an idea of tank gear and the way I gem/enchant. While my tank gear isn't upto par to be tanking ToC I can still fill in for uldar pretty easy.

5 - Please list your previous Guild(s) and why you left (Transfer applicants should also include previous Guild Master and 2 members, and yes, we are asking because we want to know if it ended amicably)

My last guild was Saviors of Light on Moonrunner playing Gnomacidal (gnome DK) GL was Clutchcargo, couple of good people to talk to would be Chicah and Mellancholy.
Unfortunately all my raiding experience on my druid was with guilds that have since disbanded and while I can still get ahold of my old friends through MSN messenger they don't play wow anymore.

6 - Can you make ALL of the raid times for the foreseeable future?


7 - Do you know an existing member of Bound? If so, do you believe they will admit it?

Just Stompalina from the meetups

8 - List any alts over level 70 and their professions if you plan on having them in the guild.

Don't think I'll be moving over any other toons right away as money is tight and want to focus on my druid anyways. But should I get the chance to move them over I have an 80 shaman, DK, and another druid. Also every other class except Cleric in the ranges of 70-79. As for professions I'm not the one that must have every single tradeskill maxed. However my wife is, so it works out.

9 - Please list 3 resource websites you frequently utilize for information on developing your in-game play.

I pull a great deal of my information from http://elitistjerks.com/forums.php and supplement it with info from http://druid.wikispaces.com/Rawr and http://www.wowhead.com/

10 - If one afternoon, /2 chat gets a little randy and you get on the topic of yiffing. Please share your feelings about the following video:

Umm.. yeah... I gotta say I kept watching waiting for the punch line. I was disappointed. As far as chatting goes I'll normally jump into any conversation and on the off chance it gets onto something I don't like, I stop reading it.

11 - What are your PC's performance specifications?

fast? forget what the CPU is but it has 4gigs of ram, 8800 GTX video card, dual monitors. I don't lag at all in Dalaran like I hear alot of other people do and I play with graphics turned all the way up.

12 - Do you own and use a Blizzard Authenticator? Please be aware that we STRONGLY recommend the use of authenticators!


13 - Please provide any other information you would like to include, about yourself such as where you live, etc, and about your character and/or why you think Bound would be a good fit.

Me and my wife live in Texas and are looking for a good home with people to hang out with in RL and in game. My wife isn't a raider with her work schedule but loves the social aspect of the game. I on the other hand am a raider at heart and have been raiding in various games for the last 10+ years. We use wow as a cheap way to spend time together. She's a gamer girl, we even met through Everquest. After recently being layed off I've find myself with far too much time on my hands again and the perfect opportunity to get back into hardcore raiding. Outside of gaming I'm a big fan of pool and beers. Should I be accepted as a trial I'll move my druid over here and change her to a him named Phats
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Head Mistriss

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PostSubject: Re: Lilpaws the Insane | 80 | Feral Druid | Transfer from Moonrunner (new name will be Phats)   Fri Nov 27, 2009 9:34 pm

Sorry about the lack of response. We appreciate you taking the time to apply. However, at this time we are closed to new recruits. If things should change in the near future, we will certainly let you know!
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Lilpaws the Insane | 80 | Feral Druid | Transfer from Moonrunner (new name will be Phats)
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