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 Gusshanks Baby Tauren Hunter Level 3 Application

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Gusshanks Baby Tauren Hunter Level 3 Application Empty
PostSubject: Gusshanks Baby Tauren Hunter Level 3 Application   Gusshanks Baby Tauren Hunter Level 3 Application I_icon_minitimeThu Jul 16, 2009 10:48 pm

1 - Please provide your RL specs (age, sex, marital status, yiffer, etc.)
Age = 39, Sex = Male, Marital Status = Married, Yiffer = ?

2 - Have you read our mission statement and structure?
Yep. Sounds good.

3 - What raiding experience do you have? Please specify what roles/classes you have played in the past.
Done pretty much all of Naxx (10 and 25 man, normal and heroic) and a tiny bit of Ulduar. I've played pretty much all the classes execpt for Warrior and Shaman. I came to the game at the start of Burning Crusade and spent much
of that time getting to the then level cap of 70.

4 - Please submit an armory link and chat about your raiding spec. If you are planning on starting a new character on Staghelm, let us know what spec you plan on having at 80.
Currently starting a new guy on Staghelm...he is only level 1, 2, no 3.....those levels go oh so quickly. I'd probably have marksman at level 80, but I like to play with specs a bit and would probably also have dual specs.

5 - Please list your previous Guild(s) and why you left (Transfer applicants should also include previous Guild Master and 2 members, and yes, we are asking because we want to know if it ended amicably)
I had my own guild for a while on Hydraxis but I had a hard time getting enough people. I was playing with some guys from work (who got me into the game), but they have mostly stopped playing.
Currently, I am in the Bella Merta (I'm probably spelling that wrong cause its some weird spanish word). They are an ok bunch of dudes (and dudettes), but raiding has been spotty at best.

6 - Can you make ALL of the raid times for the foreseeable future?
Well at level 3 I think there might be some issues, but if he was level 80 and ready for raiding, it would I believe fit in quite well.

7 - Do you know an existing member of Bound? If so, do you believe they will admit it?
I only know Hafrot and Stomp from the Rawrcast show, and really I don't "know" them.

8 - List any alts over level 70 and their professions if you plan on having them in the guild.
All my alts are on Hydraxis and among them they have all professions.

9 - Please list 3 resource websites you frequently utilize for information on developing your in-game play.
Wow insider is pretty much the only one I visit on a regular basis for news and game play stuff. However, they often have links to other sites that I will visit if they have something of interest.
Also used to visit BRK's site quite often before he shut it down Sad

10 - If you are in a pick up group and one of the member's of your party accuses you of "ninja'ing" an item, what do you do? (there is not just one right answer here. )
Well the only way I could see that happening is if I needed something by accident (and yeah I have done that; stupid buttons too close together). However when that happened, I immedially appologise for it, so I'd be surprised if I was really accused of "ninja'ing". Most times I error on the side of passing on items.

11 - What are your PC's performance specifications?
Dual Core PC (2.8Ghz), NVidia card (don't remember which at the moment, but its not bad). I get usually around 50-60 fps in instances....but chuggs in Dalaran.

12 - Please provide any other information you would like to include, about yourself such as where you live, etc, and about your character and/or why you think Bound would be a good fit.
I live in Ottawa Canada. I'm in the Eastern Time Zone, but I don't think that will be too much of an issue. I guess for now I'd be more of a "fanboy" type member, but if things were going
good I might consider transfering my main over....but there would be a faction change. I like to help in a guild so I could be helping some of your other fanboy low level dudes out.
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Gusshanks Baby Tauren Hunter Level 3 Application
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