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 Possible transfer from D-Spine Holy/Shadow priest

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Possible transfer from D-Spine Holy/Shadow priest Empty
PostSubject: Possible transfer from D-Spine Holy/Shadow priest   Possible transfer from D-Spine Holy/Shadow priest I_icon_minitimeFri Jul 17, 2009 1:12 pm

1 - Please provide your RL specs (age, sex, marital status, yiffer, etc.)
25, male, single

2 - Have you read our mission statement and structure?

3 - What raiding experience do you have? Please specify what roles/classes you have played in the past.
I raided in BC with a mage ... Jumped back and forth between deep fire and arcane/frost ... Downed SSC, TK, Hyjal, most of BT ... Started raiding late BC with my prot pali ... Cleared all of T4 content before wrath came out ... I have raided in Wrath up to Naxx 25 as a prot pali.

4 - Please submit an armory link and chat about your raiding spec. If you are planning on starting a new character on Staghelm, let us know what spec you plan on having at 80.
I don't plan on starting a new on Staghelm ... Was going to transfer over my 73 priest over ... He is dual spec'd Holy/Shadow ... On Staghelm I wanted to take on a new role, new challenge with some new people ... I would prefer to go holy for raiding.
Here is the priest I am would transfer
Preipism Armory
Here is my pali just in case you wanted to verify I'm not full of shit lol
DoomedSaint Armory
5 - Please list your previous Guild(s) and why you left (Transfer applicants should also include previous Guild Master and 2 members, and yes, we are asking because we want to know if it ended amicably)
The priest has only been in one guild <Side effects may include> started by some rl friends ... all the guildies names were some sort of side effect (priepism being a painful erection lasting longer than 4 hours) then turned into our alt guild basically ... My main guilds have been <Skeletor> GM= Kape, other members Darkmasta, Holyfoxx ... I left because wasn't raiding and I don't think my personality ever really fit in there ... Went to <Imperium> GM=Tomax, other members Craigchrist, Calayluh ... Still in the guild but they really have all the tanks and heals they need so I never get a chance to prove myself ... Will keep him there though because of some rl friends

6 - Can you make ALL of the raid times for the foreseeable future?
The only problem I see is Saturday nights ... I am a server/bartender on the weekends and I close on Saturdays ... I might be changing to openning on Saturdays though because the openning bartender might want to give up that shift ... Other than that just fine

7 - Do you know an existing member of Bound? If so, do you believe they will admit it?
Nope, transfering

8 - List any alts over level 70 and their professions if you plan on having them in the guild.

9 - Please list 3 resource websites you frequently utilize for information on developing your in-game play.
ElitistJerks (of course), plusheals, World of Matticus

10 - If you are in a pick up group and one of the member's of your party accuses you of "ninja'ing" an item, what do you do? (there is not just one right answer here. )
If it were me it was clearly an accident and I would explain it and put in a ticket ... easy peasy

11 - What are your PC's performance specifications?
2.13 dual core Intel, dual nVidia GeForce 8700, 4 GB RAMM Alienware

12 - Please provide any other information you would like to include, about yourself such as where you live, etc, and about your character and/or why you think Bound would be a good fit
As I said earlier I am looking for a new experience in the game ... Daggerspine is falling off for me because of being frustratd with my raiding status ... My rl friends on the server no longer run anything together ... Not to mention I listen to the podcast and you guys seem pretty laid back and are like minded to myself. Figured what do I have to lose. Oh yeah a little about myself ... I'm from MD and IT student with two jobs and a love for wow and beer simple as that
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Possible transfer from D-Spine Holy/Shadow priest Empty
PostSubject: Re: Possible transfer from D-Spine Holy/Shadow priest   Possible transfer from D-Spine Holy/Shadow priest I_icon_minitimeFri Jul 17, 2009 2:07 pm

Thanks for the application. I sent you a PM. Hop on our vent if you are free this afternoon.
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Possible transfer from D-Spine Holy/Shadow priest
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