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 Rageoflife (80 Resto/Ele Shaman)

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The Ruthless

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Rageoflife (80 Resto/Ele Shaman) Empty
PostSubject: Rageoflife (80 Resto/Ele Shaman)   Rageoflife (80 Resto/Ele Shaman) I_icon_minitimeSun Sep 13, 2009 7:11 pm

1 - Please provide your RL specs (age, sex, marital status, yiffer, etc.)

Age: 25
Sex: Female
Status: Panteranut's GF
Location: Anchorage, AK

2 - Have you read our mission statement and structure?


3 - What raiding experience do you have? Please specify what roles/classes you have played in the past.

Healing: Resto Shaman & Druid
DPS: Elemental Shaman

My Shaman is my main toon, and her main spec is Resto. I've downed Yogg on 10 man, and got up to Yogg on 25 man with my recently disbanded guild, King's Guard, on Misha. I've been in all those boss encounters as resto, and have been in a few as elemental.

4 - Please submit an armory link and chat about your raiding spec. If you are planning on starting a new character on Staghelm, let us know what spec you plan on having at 80.


5 - Please list your previous Guild(s) and why you left (Transfer applicants should also include previous Guild Master and 2 members, and yes, we are asking because we want to know if it ended amicably)

Northrend Brewing Co. on The Forgotten Coast. I was one of the first people to join this guild, it started out with a core group of friends that wanted to build a raiding guild. TFC is a guild thats behind on raiding, and after nearly a year of little progression my bf & I decided to try a new server. GM: Ares. Members: Kintak, Holyalliance, Crisno.

King's Guard on Misha, it disbanded approximately 5 weeks ago. The guild was a lot of fun, and was making good raid progression. GM was Repairbill, and some other members were Avanaco, Beastwulf, Greenivy, Shiftinnut.

6 - Can you make ALL of the raid times for the foreseeable future?

Raid days and times work wonderfully with my schedule. If something were to prevent me from attending a raid (highly unlikely), I would notify an officer or member ahead of time, so that they could coordinate a replacement.

7 - Do you know an existing member of Bound? If so, do you believe they will admit it?

I'd hope he would admit it ;o) (Panteranut)

8 - List any alts over level 70 and their professions if you plan on having them in the guild.

80 Shaman, Resto Main, Ele offspec. 450 Herbalism/Alchemy, Maxed cooking, first aid & working on fishing.
80 Druid, Resto main, Boom offspec. 450 Skinning/Herbalism (Not certain as to whether I'll transfer this toon right away)

9 - Please list 3 resource websites you frequently utilize for information on developing your in-game play.

Elitist Jerks
MMO Champions
Shields Up

10 - If you are in a pick up group and one of the member's of your party accuses you of "ninja'ing" an item, what do you do? (there is not just one right answer here. Smile)

First of all, I'd be shocked if I were accused of Ninja'ing anything. I'd like to think I'm a very generous person, as I've passed up mail gear that would be a slight upgrade to me to holy pallys, and have opened tickets in the past if I felt that other people could have used an upgrade more than me.

However, if I were accused of ninjaing, I would want to confront the person right away, and try to resolve the matter. With the ability to trade raid items, it wouldn't be hard to just give the item away. If someone made such a fuss about something they definately could use it more than me. Loot comes and goes, and is not worth the drama.

11 - What are your PC's performance specifications?

Windows XP, GeForce 8600M GT, Intel Core 2 DUO, T7250 @ 2.00 GHz, 2 GB RAM

12 - Do you own and use a Blizzard Authenticator?

No, but probably should....

13 - Please provide any other information you would like to include, about yourself such as where you live, etc, and about your character and/or why you think Bound would be a good fit.

Well lets see...I'm Alaska Grown, currently living in Anchorage, AK...Being the rocker that I am, AK is clearly not the place to live, as concerts and music performances are next to non-existent. Aside from that AK isn't all that bad (in the summer, of course). I'm very laid back and like to keep a positive outlook on life.

As mentioned before, I love WoW, and a lot of what makes it enjoyable are the people I play it with. I've spoken with Haf about the guild and its goals, and I feel that I would really enjoy the environment.
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Rageoflife (80 Resto/Ele Shaman)
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