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PostSubject: MPA | 80 | Paladin (Holy) |   MPA | 80 | Paladin (Holy) | I_icon_minitimeThu Oct 15, 2009 12:13 am

1 - Please provide your RL specs (age, sex, marital status, yiffer, etc.)

41, M, Married w/children (and not the TV show version)

2 - Have you read our mission statement and structure?

Yes, Seems to be fairly reasonable on all parts.

3 - What raiding experience do you have? Please specify what roles/classes you have played in the past.

I only have raided on my pally (Second toon). I hit 60 on my first toon when BC was released so I never was able to raid vanilla WOW. I then switched to this toon. I did raid Kara extensively (we never were able to go beyond that as people got geared they jumped to more progression oriented guilds.) I then switched Servers to the current guild and was able to raid TK, SSC, Hyjal and BT (all but the final boss on the 1st three and to Reliquary of Souls in BT) as a progression guild - we never did finish prior to WOTLK. For WOTLK - Have seen 10 uldar through Yogg btu only 25 man through Thorium. Finished 10 MAN ToC but we were only able to get to 25 man faction champions (where i got a new hate for PVP) and all of 10/25 Naxx and EoE. As for rolls - ran all the above as a Pally healer. As an aside I have also been ret for all of NAXX and parts of ToC / Uldar. I have also OT'd 10-man ToC to include Anuberak.

4 - Please submit an armory link and chat about your raiding spec. If you are planning on starting a new character on Staghelm, let us know what spec you plan on having at 80.


5 - Please list your previous Guild(s) and why you left (Transfer applicants should also include previous Guild Master and 2 members, and yes, we are asking because we want to know if it ended amicably)

On Anvilmar (Prior to JUL 08): Hanshin - switch servers with RL friends on Staghelm.
On Staghelm - Priority One. Guild has had problems getting / maintaining 25 man status since Sep last year - even though they have great recruitment efforts. While I enjoy the guild I would like to move beyond 10 man and progress farther thorough the game.

6 - Can you make ALL of the raid times for the foreseeable future?

As long as the start and end as stated I might only have problems on the Saturday times - I spend it with my family. During the week they are all ready asleep so the late raid times are great.

7 - Do you know an existing member of Bound? If so, do you believe they will admit it?

I know Worger - Last I checked she would acknowledge me. I have run one or two instance with other Bound members but cannot remember the specifics.

8 - List any alts over level 70 and their professions if you plan on having them in the guild.

http://www.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Staghelm&n=Mpafrigga (My original gnome lock - now horde transfer)

9 - Please list 3 resource websites you frequently utilize for information on developing your in-game play.

hmmmm. For Generic info: Wowwiki / thottbot / wowhead / Allakhazam
For mechanics: Elitest jerks / bananashoulders / Rest based upon queries based on specific issues

10 - If you are in a pick up group and one of the member's of your party accuses you of "ninja'ing" an item, what do you do? (there is not just one right answer here. )

Hmmmmm.... Aside for being aghast at the accusations - I would verify with the rest of the group on who should have the item and then ensure they received it (Which is now easy to do). I have not ninja'd items but have put in GM request to give items I won on rolls to others that would get a greater benefit then me (especially when I was just going to vendor the item.)

11 - What are your PC's performance specifications?

I have a 2007 iMAC running windows vista (switching to windows 7). Intel Core 2. T7600 @ 2.33 GHz, 4MB RAM.

12 - Do you own and use a Blizzard Authenticator?

No. I do use the forums regularly and would immediate tell if I though my account was compromised - to ensure you revoke all privileges.

13 - Please provide any other information you would like to include, about yourself such as where you live, etc, and about your character and/or why you think Bound would be a good fit.

I currently live 35 mile W of DC (which translate to a 1.25 hour commute). so the late raid times are great scien I can get home and spend time with my family and then raid after they go to bed. I am a bit of a completest with the achievements but I see that comapred to the bound members I am behind - so I will have to work on them some more (aside from the PVP ones). Whiel I know that Worger is new to Bound - she does say good things about the guild and the little exposure I have had has been positive.
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MPA | 80 | Paladin (Holy) | Empty
PostSubject: Re: MPA | 80 | Paladin (Holy) |   MPA | 80 | Paladin (Holy) | I_icon_minitimeThu Oct 15, 2009 7:35 pm

Thank you for the application, MPA. I am sending you a PM for more information.
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MPA | 80 | Paladin (Holy) |
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